Enjoy winter at its best!Many guest ranches, working ranches and country vacations welcome guests in the winter months. Although there is a good chance that we will have snow in the winter in Alberta, there is just as good of a chance that we won’t! Snowfall amounts vary from month to month in the winter, allowing many opportunities to horseback ride and partake in other ranch activities. It also allows for traditional winter activities such as skiing, skating, tobogganing, snowshoeing and snowmobiling. Enjoy Christmas at a guest ranch and start it off with gathering your own Christmas tree! 

Winter in Alberta is beautiful so come and join us!

Winter Activites

Vacation Destination Region
Anchor D Guiding & Outfitting

Alberta Central

Boundary Ranch

Alberta Central

Brewster Mountain Pack Trains

Alberta Central

Banff Trail Riders

Alberta Central

Rafter Six Ranch Resort

Canadian Rockies

Ram River Tours / South Ram Outfitters

Alberta Central

Red Lodge Guest Ranch

Alberta Central

Wild Rose Guest House

Alberta North

Myown River Ranch

Alberta Central

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