Join in the real west tradition of a cattle drive!

For over a hundred years, cowboys have always moved their cattle from winter range to spring and summer pastures. So saddle up and get ready to be part of the tradition!

This is a real outdoor adventure – cattle drives can take place in some of the wildest and most beautiful country in Alberta. You will really be living the life of a cowboy! Ride with genuine cowboys, share their work, and learn about their way of life. This is the true romance of the Old West.

You will see magnificent scenery and view wildlife almost close enough to touch. You will experience the camaraderie and old-fashioned hospitality. A day in the saddle will help you work up an appetite and after dinner you can swap trail stories under the stars or at the campfire.


The Best Little Cattle Drive in the West!

Saddle up and ride with the Sierra West wranglers on our 2016 Cattle Drive. This year our trip will take you through some of the most scenic mountain countryside nestled close to the base of the majestic Livingstone Mountain range in southwestern Alberta.

Step back into the pages of time and experience a taste of the “Old West” as we ride the open ranges, drive cattle, indulge in down home country cooking and tell yarns & sing songs around the campfire.

You will marvel at the breath-taking scenery, serenity of nature and the comradeship of fellow horsemen. We’ll create an adventure you’ll remember forever – Reserve Your Saddle Today!

2016 dates: July 16+17 and August 13+14
$625.00/person (our horse & tack), $425.00/person (your horse & tack).